MAYTEN IMPORT AND TRADING started in 2008. Our MISSION was to bring back to the Egyptian Market amazing, high quality, nothing but ORIGINAL beauty products from trusted and very reliable vendors in North America like KERATIN CURE, MAJESTIC KERATIN, BATH AND BODY WORKS and more and to provide excellent customer service. Today we are one if not the biggest Brazilian keratin hair treatment distributor in Egypt. Our VISION is to become one of the leaders in professional beauty supply products in Egypt and Middle East and to bring back values, trust and integrity to the Egyptian market. Our TEAM is the heart and soul of our Company. Every time you call or walk into our office, you will be greeted by one of our sales team and we will be happily guiding you to the best product that fits your needs. We also deliver orders to your door anywhere in Egypt using most reliable transportation companies in Egypt. We also offer direct shipping from our office in USA to anywhere in the world in 3 business days only.
Brazilian Keratin was original discovered by the Brazilian Scientist. Dr Fausto Silva while working on a Medical Research using natural proteins from Sheep wool and found by coincidence that the hair of the patients was becoming stronger and healthier. It took 6 years to develop this finding into a natural product which could be used on human hair what is known today as Brazilian Keratin.
Your hair structure is a combination of a complex natural protein called keratin, and moisture. In normal healthy hair, keratin accounts for approximately 90% of the structure and moisture the remaining 10%. Keratin is principally responsible for the hair’s strength and resistance to general wear, while moisture is mostly responsible for its elasticity, flexibility, softness and manageability. Unfortunately straighteners, colors, perms, blow drying, sun damage, pollution, pool chemicals and even every day wear and tear like brushing can damage your hair’s keratin and moisture levels.
Now with the discovery of Brazilian Keratin nanotechnology, scientists in Brazil have developed a brand new and permanent hair repair system that can ‘turn back the clock’ and restore your hair structure back to how nature intended it to be, soft, shiny and healthy.
Our Brazilian Keratin system uses Nano molecular natural keratin, particles so small that you could get millions onto a pinhead. Keratin penetrates the hair into the damaged areas of the hair structure filling them completely. Then the Nano molecules are locked into the hair with the effect of the Flatiron heat forming a permanent and insoluble keratin, just like natures’ own!
The result is beautiful, straight, soft and silky hair in super condition with an incredible shine. The hair instantly becomes healthier and more manageable.